5 Sci Fi Originals You Know You Love (or will)

You can’t deny it! No matter how generic, cheesy or awful the films are, there are a few that pass the barricade and remain in your heart. Here are 5 Sci-Fi Originals that you watched or will watch all the way to the end credits:


Sure, the DVD cover for the screams run, but depending on your taste for creature features, it does pay tribute to what came before it, striking a resemblance to the cover of Lake Placid. Believe it or not, it’s directed by Mark Dippe, of Spawn fame, and depending on your views on that movie, it could mean a good or a bad thing.

Anyway, it’s about genetically engineered fish that, you guessed it, attack people living/based on swamps. But nonetheless, it’s an entertaining flick that would pass away a slow day. It’s better than the sequel to Piranha and all those Lake Placid sequels you didn’t know existed.

Dog Soldiers:

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking ‘what, Dog Soldiers?’ It premiered on the Sci-Fi channel in the U.S as a telefilm, so it does count. So, what to say about Dog Soldiers? Bloody? Check Isolation in the woods? Check. Werewolves? Check? All on top of a bunch of men screaming with their Scottish Accents. Neil Marshell started on a roll here, followed by The Descent, before crashing with Doomsday. Have fun.


Come on, it’s a film about a shark/octopus hybrid eating people. It has Eric Roberts. It’s produced by Roger Corman. Is this the 1970s? You better believe it is! Check it out. Hate it, but in a good way.

Yeti – Curse of the Snow Demon:

“It kills in cold blood.”

I bet the person who came up with that wakes up each morning, looks in the mirror and laughs. And that is the same feeling you will get when you watching this wonderful mess of a film. Check out for the awesome effects on the Yeti. Because the Sci-Fi Channel’s movies have awesome effects, right?


Dee Wallace, Lance Henriksen, and Jeffery Combs all appear in this film about a deranged Sasquatch. If I had to make a bet, the credits are probably longer than their scenes; but do not allow that to stop you from watching it because for what it is, it’s a watchable film that will make you want to watch more so bad their good film. With plenty of drink and food, of course.


So, there you have it! Five films from the Sci-Fi channel that are worth watching all the way to end. And trust me, this list was hard to compile. Who knew I’d get five? Not me anyway.

(All pictures used in the article are for owned by their respectful owners, and The Horror Club shows courtesy in using them.)



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