Ridley Scott and the Love/Hate Relationship with the Alien Franchise

Has Ridley Scott finally lost it? If you have to go by recent interviews, then yes. Scott has purposed that the Alien franchise doesn’t need its titular beast, The Xenomorph.

The Alien franchise is in a tricky spot. Prometheus was stellar, if not great, in its own right, but there were plenty of complaints about the lack of what made the franchise great. Then we got Covenant, which felt forced because Scott wanted to stay on track with his original vision while at the same time appeasing to Alien fanatics. However, what we got were two movies pushed together to make one, and it was kind of a mess.

It feels like Ridley is done with the Alien franchise, in terms of featuring the original beast and what made the franchise great. Alien wasn’t a spectacle; it was a simple horror movie that did things right – a slasher movie with an Alien as the killer – until Scott took a drastic turn with Prometheus.

(Michael Fassbender in Alien: Covenant – via 21st Century Fox)

Is it time for fresh blood to be put in to the franchise? It seemed that way for a long time. However, Scott was so afraid and cautious of another filmmaker (Neil Blomkamp) taking the franchise in the wrong direction, he never took time to realise that he is killing it. With Scott’s obsession of religious themes and making Michael Fassbender the true star of the franchise, it should be time for him step away, maybe leave the franchise alone. Make no more movies. After Covenant’s box office performance, it seems that could be the case. People don’t want Scott’s vision. The God is ruining his creation. Oh, the irony.

(All pictures via 21st Century Fox)

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