Jeepers Creepers 3 – Pros and Cons

Jeepers Creepers 3, the film you’ve been waiting over 10 years for, but actually forgot has come out. Somehow, the film managed to escape the area filmmakers and fans hate — development hell (largely in part to director, Victor Salva’s past, but we won’t get in to it). So, was it worth the wait? I’ve listed some pros and cons from the film. As always, spoilers ahead.


The Creeper –

It’s always good to see the creeper back on our screens, epsecially watching as he performs his iconic sniff when choosing his prey. Jonathan Breck is always great as the creeper, cementing the fact that nobody can replace him.

The First 15 minutes –

The first 15 minutes of the film looked really good that you’d actually question if it was taken from archive footage from the first film all the way back in 2001.

Now, are you ready for this?


Overall story – 

In terms of adding progress to the overall franchise, it doesn’t do anything. It was more like a side story that you didn’t need to see. The characters aren’t that iconic, and by the looks of it, Ray Wise probably dodged a bullet by his character not being needed. There are plans to make a fourth film, hopefully with a story that has more purpose.

Acting – 

Is this a Sci-fi original? The acting is non-existent with each line either under-delivered or over-delivered. Stan Shaw (Sheriff Dan Tashtego) gives up half way and begins to deliver his lines with such an indifference that you’d think he was mocking the script. Gabrielle Haugh (Addison Brandon) is no final girl, and she isn’t given much to do but look awkwardly ahead of her. This brings us to the next point…

Directing –

It’s as if Victor Salva didn’t bother to show up. Sometimes it’s okay to give actors freedom to take the characters to new hights, but when you have such wooden and unbelievable ones in the first place, it is your job as a director to get the best out the actors. This is not the case.

Editing –

I know that editing for DVD and for TV can be different, due to the ad breaks every fifteen minutes or so. However, that does not excuse you to cut to an ad in the middle of something happening. It takes the audience out of the moment and it loses its effect. All cuts felt the same because they were all in the wrong moments. Also, just because a scene is in slow motion, doesn’t mean it’s automatically cool.

The Creeper –

Wait, what? But you said the Creeper was a PRO. Yes, I did, mainly because it was good to see him back on our screens. However, they made him out to be a slasher in this movie, and the Creeper isn’t a slasher. He is a mysterious monster who prays on anyone when he wants and where he wants. They should have left the mystery of the Creeper alone because not knowing is part of being scared. The booby traps in his truck were not a welcome addition either (horrible CGI).

Forced Connections and Cameos

By the end the movie (and rolling your eyes), a school bus pulls up and you’re like oh, a tie in to the second film. Cool, sort of. And then a woman narrates the final few minutes before it pans to her face and you realise it’s Gina Phillips (Trish Jenner). And then, she delivers a terrible final line and it reminds you of the rest of the movie.

Sadly, this is not the movie that we waited so long for. There is a pretentious feeling, but for all the wrong reasons. Adding nothing new to the franchise,  this move is for the die hard Creeper fans, but not even they may like it.

(Images via Screen Media Films).

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