Review – Malvolia’s Memerable Thanksgiving

Runtime – 11.04

Written by Jennifer Nangle

Directed by Alex Napiwocki & Hunter Johnson

Starring Jennifer Nangle, Garrett Lee and Colton Wheeler

Short films can be hard. Most of the time there is little to no budget and the film is done so more out of passion. When you sit down to watch Malvolia’s Memerable Thanksgiving, the first thing that comes to mind is the B-movie tone within the film – over the top and extravagant but in a fun way.

The film is 11 minutes or so of extreme fun in the same nature of the over the top films that you loved from the 80s. Jennifer Nangle runs the show as Malvolia. From the moment she appears on screen and delivers her first line, you know she’s at home in the genre. Delivered in a way that you wouldn’t be mistaken if you thought she was presenting a horror fest on TV. She demands the focus of the camera and gets it.

The script consistently flows, and you’d even think it’s runtime was under 5mins. Surprisingly, the effects are of a high standard for a short film, and each time they were needed, they didn’t feel out of place.

Overall, everything fits perfectly together from the tone to the music to the acting. And to quote Malvolia: “Oh, what I can tell you about Christmas; I’m always naughty, never nice; but that’s for another time”. We want to know.

Check out some BTS photos below:

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