Interview with Jennifer Nangle

Next up on our interview list, we had the pleasure of talking to Jennifer Nangle, aka Queen Malvolia, about all things horror. Check out the interview below and the wonderful pictures!

Why did you decide to become an actress?

I’m not really sure why I chose this profession… I definitely would have picked a more stable occupation… But, I have always felt that this craft has been apart of me. Of how I can express myself. I have always been a highly sensitive, emotional person who feels a lot of feelings and is not afraid to show them. What better way to showcase them than through storytelling! It’s incredible to create a breathing being who can go through a range of emotions and just feel completely and utterly worn at the end. Amazing free therapy too!

Why did you choose the Horror genre?

It’s one of the only genre’s that makes me feel something. When watching movies, I’ve always analyzed them. I’ve always veered towards Dark thrillers and horror because of the realistic scenarios characters find themselves in, but then this out of this world being/creature/lunatic comes out of no where and reeks havoc where fear just pulsates throughout. At any moment, when you least expect it, something can happen. You are always on your toes. The genre is such a wild adventure!

How does it feel to be a scream queen?

I love it. I always secretly wanted to be one! Did I ever think this title would be given to me – no way! Makes me laugh when I meet someone and they say, “Scream for me!”

Is there any particular scream queen that you draw inspiration from?

Not really. I grew up watching “Psycho”, “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th”, “Sleepaway Camp” “Scream” (Drew Barrymore’s scene terrified me!), “The Exorcist”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Shining” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” so I might have been influenced some way from all these talented ladies, but there isn’t one I can pin point and said, “Yes. Her!”

You also work behind the camera, how different is it from being in front of the camera?

I only work behind the camera because I have to to tell the stories that I want to tell and act in the parts I want to act. I’m usually doing both at the same time, which can be pretty tough… Here you are in an intense scene and a thought may pop into your head like, “Gosh! I hope lunch is delivered soon!” I’m the worst at asking for help. I always want to be in charge of everything so I know it gets done the way I want it to, but I am starting to slowly delegate. It’s hard, but I know it will keep me more sane!

How hard do you think it is to make a great horror movie, be it a short or feature film, stand out from the crowd?

I think it is difficult making any film in general. No budget or low budget because there’s no money or lack of money. A feature that has been picked up for distribution prior to it being film – it’s difficult to keep everyone happy. Feature you’re making on your own – fear, doing everything yourself, “what if no one likes it?”. As far as a film standing out… Originality. There are so many audiences out there for a wide variety of entertainment that if something strikes then it just strikes! Huge budgets and celebrities don’t always make a film better. It’s the story, the spine, that people are attracted to. And characters.

Have you any work in the pipeline?

I’ve written a couple short films that I am looking to produce and act in in the new year. More Malvolia, of course. She’ll be back with a Season 2 – hopefully more gruesome than the first. A couple features I acted in at the end of this year will be coming out, which is going to be so much fun: “Irrational Fear” “10/31” “Lilith” to name a few. And… hopefully I’ll be finishing up my feature film and getting that into production! 2018 is gonna be filled with terror!

Check out our review of her last episode here.

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