Remembering Brian Keene’s The Wind Cries Mary

Sometimes, the best stories are the ones that take a familiar situation, and put a unique spin on it. This is exactly the case with The Wind Cries Mary by Brian Keene.

The premise is simple: a man is bordered up in his house to keep him away from zombies, and every so often, his love returns to the house, almost like there is still an emotional connection between the two.

What makes this story so unique is the relationship and love between the narrator and his love. We know he is in danger, since there are a bunch of zombies trying to get into the house; but perhaps the big danger is his love for this woman, and his inability to let go. It’s a wonderful story, and one that we think would make a great short film, due to its setting, premise and characters.

If you’d like to check it out, the story was published in THE NEW DEAD: A ZOMBIE ANTHOLOGY (ed, Christopher Golden, 2010)


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