The Horror Club Seeks Guests Posts

The Horror Club is opening up a new series that will have guest posts. This is all so we can bring you more content to enjoy.

We are seeking writers, filmmakers, make-up artists, or anyone who works within the horror genre. The details are:

  • Post information is up to the guest once the content has to do with the horror genre.
  • Posts will be between 300-500 words. Anything lower or higher, let us know.
  • You can submit one at first, and then so on.

Those are the only three rules because who are we to stop the creative flow?

Please note that at this time there will be no payment. This site is being run out of love for horror, giving others a place to showcase their work and talents. Sadly, it’s only me running it for the time being. I know people should be paid for their work. Sure, that’s why I showcase all the wonderful people in the first place. 

For more information, please email

And for the love of horror, please remember sharing is caring. So, share, share, share!



One thought on “The Horror Club Seeks Guests Posts

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  1. Reblogged this on A CREATIVE MIND UNLEASHED and commented:

    If any of you good readers are writers (you should be! ha ha) and like to dip in to the horror genre, then this might be an interest to you. I’m looking for guest posts on my site, The Horror Club.

    I’m also opening a section on my blog here, titled Your Thoughts, because they certainly aren’t mine; and that’s the point! I want your thoughts. The reader wants them. So, if you want to give them, feel free to contact me.

    Over and out!


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