Interview with Landon Stahmer

The Horror Club speaks to filmmaker, Landon Stahmer, who is the creator of the Crypt TV’s short films, Launder Man and Look-See (3 parts to date), among others. Check it out below and a link to the Launder Man.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Landon Stahmer. I’m from the Midwest, specifically Nebraska. If you haven’t been, you should go. There are three times more cows than people, it’s illegal to shoot a whale, and it’s the home of the world’s greatest zoo (according to trip advisor)! My favorite food is popcorn and I believe everyone needs a good sweater. Art matters. Dogs rule, cats drool.

Why did you decide to go into the horror genre?

I’ve had a complicated relationship with the genre. But then I saw INSIDIOUS in 2010. When those red gothic letters flashed on screen to the sound of violins losing their marbles I was hooked. Not long after I made my first short horror film with some friends. It was a comedy horror, called “Brush Brush,” about a dead girl who haunted a bathroom because she just needed to borrow a toothbrush. I have no regrets.

We personally loved The Look-See here, what was the inspiration around it?

(via IMDB)

That’s so great, thank you. First of all, the horror genre is awesome and extremely therapeutic. It was kinda a theme that inspired the Look-See. There’s a weird thing happening right now with nostalgia. I mean it’s not new, but holy reboots batman. The weird thing about nostalgia is that it’s great, but it also kinda makes everything sad. We can only be nostalgic about things that are over, gone, in the past. The Look-See is about holding onto the past. And if you get too close, it can consume you.

Would you ever like to adapt it into a feature length?

I am not against this idea.

How does it feel to have it playing on Crypt TV?

It feels good. But seriously, CryptTV might have thee funniest, snarkiest, and most thoughtful audience on the planet. It’s a wise rule to never read internet comments, but please read the comments on the Look-See. That’s a testament to CryptTV continually putting out great stuff and for horror fans doing what they do best – being a community. It feels really good to be a part of that.

You seem to choose monstrous characters with facial features that really stick out, as evident by The Look-See and Launder Man. What were the thoughts behind the design?

Launder Man, oh man. This is one of those things that I hope gets really big, because it’s just stupid and fun. The Launder Man’s design was inspired by location. We had access to a creepy laundry room so it made sense that the monster would be made of those elusive socks that magically disappear.

(via IMDB)

The Look-See’s design is inspired by a theme — the past. If the past keeps pieces of us, then the Look-See needed to be pieced together. It also fit thematically that the past can be consuming so the Look-See only has a mouth. And finally we gave it a fairly time-less wardrobe. Fun fact, there was a version where the Look-See HAD eyes.

Are there any directors that you look to in terms of style?

Have you heard of James Wan? I like James Wan. He also has a killer team of people around him. Shoutout to Joseph Bishara and Julie Berghoff. One time I got to meet them, but I squandered my opportunity to ask them great questions. Instead I just sweated a lot and asked for a selfie. I do have regrets.

What is your favourite Crypt TV and non-Crypt TV short horror film?

Can I say Launder Man so that it can be a thing and get a movie and people will have to explain to their friends and family why it exists. But my real favorite short on CryptTV is called “Turned”by Adam Bolt. It’s a zombie film that is beautifully crafted. Adam Bolt you are an artist. And my non-Crypt short is a tie between “Don’t Move” and “Sucka Blood” both by Bloody Cuts. It’s insane we get to watch this stuff for free. Take my money!

What film are you looking forward to in 2018?

Hereditary, A Quiet Place, and The Nun are a few of my must sees.

What are your plans for 2018?

There’s a lot planned for the The Look-See. It now has its own fan page (casual plug) and two new Look-See shorts are coming by the end of February. I think 2018 will be a big year for that monster. Outside of that, I’m moving forward with a production company on an undisclosed project for a feature film. But to be continued. I’d also like to take up light jogging.

If you liked the film, please follow Landon for keep up with his work, and Cyrpt TV for more great Horror films.

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