Valentine’s Day Movies For You To Watch

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means two things: 1) you’re out having dinner with your other half 2) you’re in watching romantic movies; but who says horror movies can’t be romantic? So, if you’re the one that wears the pants in the relationship, here are two movies to force your other half to watch:

1) Valentine

Valentine is a 2001 American slasher film directed by Jamie Blanks, and starring Denise Richards, David Boreanaz, Marley Shelton, Jessica Capshaw, and a super quick cameo from Katherine Heigl. It’s based on the novel of the same name (and we mean loosely) by Tom Savage, the film follows a group of women in San Francisco who are stalked by a man whom they tormented during their childhood.

Truth be told, it’s a silly, downright stupid at times, horror film that is easy on the eyes and great to pass away the time with. And hey, aren’t some romantic films stupid, making you roll your eyes over and over? Check it out.

2) My Bloody Valentine (Original & Remake)

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 Canadian slasher film directed by George Mihalka and written by John Beaird, starring Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, and Neil Affleck. The film tells the story of a group of young adults who decide to throw a Valentine’s Day party only to incur the vengeful wrath of a maniac in mining gear who begins a murder spree.

This is probably the most well-known of the Valentines Day horror movies. Who doesn’t love 80’s slasher movies when they were at the height of their power? In fact, this film was so violent and gory, up to 8 minutes had to be cut as instructed by the MPAA. Ah, nothing says I love you like the sweet viewing of violence. Okay, we’re lying, obviously. Tell her that you’re watching a Valentine’s Day movie, stick it out, and when she asks if it’s the one with Aston Kutcher, nod. You can always say sorry afterwards.

It was remade in 2009 with Jensen Ackles of Supernatural in the lead role. Women love him, right? Maybe put that one on then.

Cover image by ZombiePunk via Deviant Art. Check out their great stuff.

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