Four Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Hereditary

2017 was a good year for Horror, and while 2018 has been off to a shaky start with the likes of Insidious: The Last Key and Winchester, there is still a lot for people to be excited about, and one such film is Hereditary. Here are four reasons why we’re excited it:

1) The Premise

While the premise is still up in the air after an ambiguous trailer, one obvious key element of the film will be family, and its roots. This is always an interesting angle because there isn’t anything scarier than being born with an evil inside you, and the fact that you can’t run away from it. It’ll be interesting to see where the film takes the topic, and we’re curious to find out.

2) Ari Aster

We know that this is Aster’s feature debut, and that can a dangerous thing. However, from what we’ve seen so far, the film looks sharp and of a definite style. It can be hard for debutants because of studio interference, because they can basically become placeholders. This doesn’t seem the case with Hereditary.

3) Toni Collette

We’re big fans of Toni, and loved her work in Krampus. She looks equally impressive here, which means she’s invested in the script. All going well, Collette might see herself become a queen of the horror genre.

4) Creepy Children

Who doesn’t love them, eh? The presence of strange children in a Horror movie instantly makes most people nervous. Have you seen The Orphan? Anyway, it seems the case here. In the trailer, we were treated to a murder of a bird, and some creepy and menacing stares. We can’t wait for more.

There you have it. Four reasons why we’re excited for Hereditary. Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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