Look-See IV Review

Picture courtesy of Crypt TV

The lights are staying on! No, really, this is not a joke. The credits have just rolled on what was a creepy, yet wonderful episode in the Look-See series.

In this episode, another helpless character has become isolated while checking back over a murder scene inside a school hall (we all know what that means). Before you know it, creepy shenanigans begin to happen.

With part IV, it’s not about what’s being said (each episode is basically just one scene), but how it’s said. What you’re watching is a monster preying on victims. But it’s a creepy monster; it’s the way it’s built up. Everything has a purpose in the episode, from the music to the angles to the wonderful editing.

Landon Stahmer is a unique storyteller, and has his own style and way in showing it. It’s evident.  He knows what he wants in the scene and how he wants it. A creepy delight. We look forward to next week’s episode.


If you’d like to check out our interview with Landon, you can do so here: interview

Look-See IV, via Crypt TV:


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