Review of Crypt TV’s Lust Kills

The second review of the day is for Lust Kills, a two minute short about a date that takes a turn for the worse. This film is yet another example of an one scene film, and how it relies on build-up and a punch ending; it does that.

At first you’re casually thinking what’s going on here? It’s simply two people having a date. It’s mysterious. The two actors have great chemistry and this progress the film overall. It’s well-acted, both through dialogue and body-language. Here, we actually learn just enough about the characters, which is a fine feat, giving the runtime.

This all sets-up the twist ending, and while not the biggest twist you’ll ever see (a keen eye may even predict it), it just has enough weight to keep the film afloat. It’s the core of the story that makes you go away and ask yourself: why did that happen?

Short and sweet. Steady pace for its build-up. And just enough punch on the ending. We recommend it.

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