Review of Crypt TV’s Look-See V

The Look-See series has hit five episodes, and with the latest installment being dubbed the season finale, it’s interesting to see how the series wraps up, and what the future might hold should there be a second season.

While the first four episodes showed a victim in each one, and gave us little background as to what the monster is, part five takes a slightly different route. The tone is still evident. It’s still creepy, with some great direction shown throughout the runtime. However, what is different is that it doesn’t feel like the others while still feeling like the others, if that makes sense. Credit has to be given to Landon Stahmer, as every detail is covered.

In this episode, we are given insight to what the Look-See monster is, but not enough to figure out what it truly is, leaving us with a mysterious creature, bizarre situations, but most importantly, a hunger to find out more.

The first season for Look-See is finished. Should there be a second (and there should), Stahmer has given himself plenty of options in which to take the story. We can’t wait.

Check it out here:

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