Instawolf and The Power Social Media Has Over Us

Instawolf is a very short, yet bonkers, film that might seem like the typical story of a beautiful girl becoming the victim of a monster, or in some cases, a serial killer. However, what lies beneath the surface of this film is a powerful message that’s worth taking nothing of.

If you were to just watch it, and then never think about it again, that’s fine.  However, we recommend that you do watch it again and take note of the message that it’s telling us: social media has power over us.

Many of us spend hours on social media without even noticing that we are in fact spending numerous hours on the different sites it offers. How many times do you scroll through your news feed? How many times do you check what’s new on Instagram? Through our main character, played by the wonderful Brandi King, we see a little bit of ourselves. She can see that taking photos attracts this wolf-man creature yet, like an addiction, she continues to do so. It’s for that slight second that she becomes oblivious to the harm it can do her. This is to show that even when nothing is happening on social media, we feel we have a duty to go on and scroll through the sites. In a way, it’s similar to staring at your phone while on the street, and without even noticing, you walk into someone, or worse, on to the road.

Ultimately, it was her persistence on continuing to take photos which was her downfall. The need to take eight photos of the same situation when one can do showed her addiction; and in this case, it led to death.

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