Explore The Twisted With Kay Oliver’s ‘Sicko’

If tales of the twisted and deranged are your fancy, then this new collection of short stories might be of interest to you. Sicko, by Kay Oliver, contains six stories and the titular novella, each exploring the journey of an unstable and sadictic individual, and will be released via Kindle this Friday, March 23.

The Synopsis of the story reads:

In this collection’s namesake novella, Spencer, a college student, attempts to get back home to see his mother in Wyoming one last time before the growing cancer takes her. A record-breaking storm grounds all transportation out of Boston and he’s left hoping and praying for a miracle. A kind stranger, Jethro, offers him a ride. Is this odd young man a miracle too good to be true?

Take a detour through several short stories, including: a man in the woods hunting the ghost of his cruel and wicked father in Hunting Season. A cold-blooded, merciless 911 operator that is anything but helpful in Nine One One. A married couple find themselves harboring a monster in their bathroom in Swap Meet Soap. An intruder with unearthly, deadly forces toys with a young boy in Sick Day.

Back on the road, Jethro slowly peels back his mask of odd, but kind stranger, revealing the horror of the true sicko beneath. Spencer comes to realize he’s now fighting, not just to see his mother before she’s gone, but for his life. Will Spencer become just another tale of warning to never accept rides with strangers?

These stories offer more than just the soft kiss of fright or shiver up the spine, they will plunge you into a labyrinth of pure terror, seven nightmares that only the ruthless and perverse sickos of each tale control.

They say a psychopath is born every forty-seven seconds, you’re bound to run into one. Why not do so by exploring seven of them by picking up Sicko when it’s released on Friday? If interested, you can find the book here: Sicko by Kay Oliver


Kay Oliver is the author of Bad Dog, published in 2016. Formly editor of a literary magazine, she lives in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah with her husband who creates the artwork for her. The horror genre is in her heart and has always been a calling for her, as evident when she’s explored other genres, only for a zombie or two to sneak in.

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