Read, then Watch: A Review of The Elegy

As previously stated in our other reviews of short horror films, they usually rely on a steady build-up and a killer (no pun intended) punch; and for the most part, Crypt TV provides us with above -average to wonderful punches. However, with The Elegy, the punch is not the only problem the film has to deal with.

Perhaps the underlining problem that The Elegy has is that its buy-the-numbers script doesn’t really offer the viewer anything new. The main character hears weird noises and walks toward said noise. That kind of thing. The tricky part here is that the monster in this short has some technique to trick you into a trance. That may be the reason why the main character walks toward the noises. However,, it would have been intriguing to see something different. As a result, the story doesn’t give you enough. It doesn’t wrap you in the way other Crypt TV shorts, such as Look-See, wraps you in.

What the film does have going for it is the technical side of things. The cinematography is beautiful, as is the colouring. Praise must go to cinematographer, Cale Nichols, for his work on the film. The monster effects are A-Grade, but with a sub-par story, production alone can’t save it.

All in all, a story drives a film, and with The Elegy, its story is a mixed-bag. Production can’t outweigh a script. Build the foundation first. Decorate after. It’s a shame, really, as Crypt TV was on a winning streak.


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