A Love Letter to 80s’ Horror: A Review of Meow

When it comes to short films on Crypt TV, they intend to be short and snappy. However, once and awhile, longer films such as Meow are released. These sort of films have a different approach. The script is allowed to breathe. Characters can be fleshed out. There aren’t many constraints. That doesn’t necessarily means it’s automatically a good film, but it’s a start. This brings us to the question of Meow, a comedy horror mystery about a killer cat that is so clearly a love letter to 80s’ horror.

By that, I mean that most horror films in that decade can be classified as campy; but what makes Meow such a wonderful film is that writer and director, Chris Jopp, is in such command of the story and how he wants it portrayed on screen. There are stupid moments, but you know they’re intentional. The over-of-top acting by some, the way the victims are killed. All reminiscent of the fun moments you loved in the films of the ’80s. Aside from that, one thing that stands out is the wonderful score/soundtrack. Funky and electro. Adding in some wonderful camera work each time it plays, the scenes just rise above the rest. It gave a reminder of the awesome soundtrack in the first Return of the Living Dead film.

Campy and fun, but with a director knowing what he wanted, Meow is Jopp’s love letter to the 80s’ horror. If you have 11 minutes free, then you have to watch it.


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