Comic Book Fans, This Horror Team Needs Your Help!

AFTER successfully launching the first issue of the intended four-part series, Twilight Hotel, the team behind the comic book need your assistance to make sure there is a possibility that the remaining three can come to be.

The series comes from the production team of Ra X and Darrell Smith, the creators of the award winning and critically acclaimed indie horror film, “RAGE”. It is the first offering from Square Biz Entertainment, their new publishing and movie production company specialising in horror genre product.

The story is of a 100-year-old West Florida hotel that has a very sinister secret. It was built on land that was once the home of the most notorious plantation in all of North America, where thousands of African slaves and Seminole Indians were murdered in ritualistic ceremonies. It is also home to an ANCIENT EVIL DEITY named… “SHE”. With a supernatural ability to attract and influence people, she lures unwitting individuals to the Twilight where they are subjected to many horrible things including, MAN-EATING BED BUGS, PSYCHOTIC GANGSTERS, ZOMBIES, SERIAL KILLERS and worst of all… themselves.

Last year, the team were joined by artist Michael Aryn, and launched the successful Kickstarter campaign and were able to produce the first issue. They have received an overwhelmingly positive response from the comic book community, which has prompted them to launch another campaign. However, this time they are funding for three instead of the one.

For the remaining three issues, RA X and Darrell Smith are bringing along Master of the Dark Art, Chet Zar, and renowned comic book artists, Ryan and Adam Brown, to help out.

Ra X and Darrell Smith are also in early development on a feature film version of the comic and the funding and completion of the series, brings that one step closer to a reality.

For more information on the team, check below:


Ra is an indie film & music video / director / producer and the writer of the “Twilight Hotel” comic book series. He was inspired by his love for both genre greats, Rod Serling’s, “THE TWILIGHT ZONE” and William Gaines “TALES FROM THE CRYPT. The opportunity to pay homage to these two-iconic anthology-brands was a dream come true. Just like the two sci-fi / horror titans he’s taken great care and effort to include all the trademarks that has come to define them… the psychological tension, the colorful characterisations and of course, the moral lessons and amazing twist endings. Also, he was careful not to make the series a copy or a rip off. For him, these classics served as a structural and inspirational template, all the while, making sure Twilight Hotel had its own originality.


Darrell is an award winning independent film and music video producers. His last film project “RAGE”, was a multi-award winning, horror-suspense-thriller that played in festivals around the world, receiving critical acclaim and landed a distribution deal Lions Gate and Industry Works of Canada. At the start of 2017 he, along with longtime friend Ra X, formed a new entertainment company, Square Biz Entertainment / Comics specialize in horror genre product with “TWILIGHT HOTEL” as their first venture.


Michael created all the art for issue #1, the cover as well as the interior pages; the ink, color and lettering. His creation of such bold-grotesque imagery evokes the same raw emotionally-charged feelings that are reminiscent of the works of Irish- born British figurative painter Francis Bacon. Michael is a self-taught illustrator, graphic designer, screen printer and sequential artist. His work includes album art, book covers, card games.



Born 1967, in the harbor town of San Pedro, California. His entire childhood was spent drawing, sculpting and painting. A natural fascination with all things strange fostered within himself a deep connection to horror movies and dark imagery. He could relate to the feelings of fear, anxiety, and isolation that they conveyed. These themes which had permeated most of his childhood drawings and paintings are reflected in his work to this day. The combined interest in horror films and art eventually culminated into a career as a special effect makeup artist, designer and sculptor for the motion picture industry, designing and creating creatures and make up effects for such films as, “The Ring”, “Hellboy I & II”, “Planet of the Apes” and the critically acclaimed music videos for the art metal band Tool. The politics and artistic compromises of the film industry left Zar feeling creatively stagnant… so, in 2000, he decided to go back to his roots, and focus on his own original works, and try his hand at fine art. The results have been successful, to say the least… with solo exhibitions and tens of thousands of fans, but most importantly, Chet has achieved artistic freedom and a clarity of vision, which is evident in his, darkly surreal and often, darkly humorous paintings.


Born 1976 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is a Painter digital and acrylic, Cover Artist and Comic Book Colorist. He has worked on comic books, board games, video games, concept art, and album covers. He has worked for Legendary Entertainment, Dark Horse, Vertigo, IDW, Image, Marvel, Heavy Metal Mag and 2000ad among others. Ryan has been involved with projects as diverse as Gears of War, Mars Attacks, Judge Dredd, Creepy Comics, Ninja Turtles, V-Wars and Jacked. He has collaborated with some of the best in the business including Simon Bisley, Matt Wagner, Glenn Fabry, Greg Staples and Liam Sharp. Ryan continues to wow fans Worldwide with his stunning Cover Art, that seems to leap from the page with realism and energy.


Adam Brown has been involved in the comic book industry for over ten years, working on everything from graphic design, illustration, and digital colorings. He has worked for many of the comic book industries most influential companies such as DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Zenescope Comics, and 2000AD. Some of his recent work has been on titles such as Judge Dredd, The Justice League, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and the Aliens franchise. Adam has also worked in the art department producing graphics and art on several television and movie productions including The Fall (BBC), Line of Duty (BBC) and The Journey (2016) to name but a few.

If you’d like to get in touch with the team, you can email them at or find them on Facebook. Kickstart page can be found here.

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