Thing In The Apartment (Supercut) Review

Crypt TV have been known to make a number of short films into episodic series, with Look-See being the obvious example. John William Ross’s Thing In The Apartment has also received this treatment, with two episodes to date, and the good folk over in Crypt TV have given us a supercut to enjoy Chapter I and II back to back. But did this reviewer enjoy it?

Short answer, yes. From the off Ross sets the tone and his vision. Pulling duty as both writer and director can ensure that the vision stays the same, and with a tightly written story, Ross gave himself a lot to work with. The core of the story is that there’s a mysterious creature in a woman’s apartment. Seems basic, right? That’s because it is. However, it’s what forms around the core that makes Thing In The Apartment such a success.

There is much more happening to the story than what appears on screen, extra elements added to the creature’s backstory without being expository and losing its mystery. Adding in a high standard of acting, especially from Carly Jones in episode one, the series joins Look-See on the short list of Crypt TV short films that should be made into a feature length.

Delightfully written and directed, topped off with geniune scares, a blend of mystery and wonderful acting, Thing In The Appartment is feature length standard hiding in the disguise of a short film.

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