“A lack of suspense with zero frights”: A Review of tEXt

tEXt tells the story of a woman who, after breaking up with her boyfriend, spends time at her friend’s house. She receives a text from her ex, and soon comes to realise that he may be closer than he states.

Dubbed by the creators as a modern day take on silent films blended with horror, tEXt relies on the build up of the text messages and strong body language by the actors in order to move the story along. However, with several pacing issues, a lack of suspense, and a predictable ending, the film falls apart and is easy forgettable. It is a straightforward story that doesn’t take any risks. When watching, you expect something to happen to take it to the next level. It doesn’t.

The high point of the film is the gorgeous shots and brilliant camera work. That alone can’t save a film though. We’re offered nothing new, and even lead actress, Kelsey Samara Dacci, doesn’t seem to believe in what she’s portraying. There’s a lack of urgency in her performance, as if she’s not even scared about the events happening around her.

A lack of suspense with zero frights, tEXT’s problem starts with its script and story, effectively bringing down the rest of the film.

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