“Vol 1 Has Enough for the Reader to be Engaged”: Twilight Hotel Vol 1 Review

Twilight Hotel Vol 1 is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign consisting of the team, story writer RA X, artist Michael Aryn and editor Darrell E. Smith. It’s the first of an intended four part series. However, it also has a tough job to accomplish. Not only does the comic have to be good for obvious purposes, but it must also entice the reader into donating to the Kickstart campaign for the remaining issues.


The summary of issue one is that it gives a background to the hotel and the deity known as “she”. Maintenance Supervisor, Virgil Lee Petty, is on his last ever shift at the Twilight Hotel when misfortune strikes upon him. Here, he decides to give us a background of the events leading up to the moment of misfortune and teases us with three tales that show how much influence “she” can have. Of course, readers must have to wait, which means this can be seen as a dangerous game and easily as a ploy to get you to invest in the Kickstarter campaign.

However, the story is interesting, shrouded with mystery and the fact that we got a taster of the despicable acts that “she” can do, Vol 1 has enough for the reader to be engaged. Adding in some terrific artwork by Michael Aryn, it’s clear to see why so many backed the production team and their cause.

It’s hard to lie and say that Twlight Hotel is perfect, because it’s not. There are cliches. Been there, done that scenarios. Not only that, but the team has pointed the story in a direction that shows they are confident in their Kickstarter campaign for the remaining issues. Let’s hope they’re are, because if not, many will feel unsatisfied.


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