Happy Meal Horror Review

There should be more animated horror films. End of. However, while we over in The Horror Club wait for our wishes to be made real, we have been treated to the short animated horror film, Happy Meal Horror, via the good folk over in Crypt TV.

Happy Meal Horror comes from writer/director Rocky Curby, and tells the story of this strange and sinister slaughter house led by a robot. The only way to survive is to escape. 

It’s obvious that the creators behind the short film are either vegetarians, not a fan of fast food franchises, or both. And when you watch the film, you can’t help but feel that you are being preached to, that the film is trying to make you feel guilty for eating meat or eating at these places. Add in a bland story with no scares, you start to ask yourself why? We’re meant to be feeling sorry for these poor animals. We don’t. We’re meant to hate these big corporations. We don’t. There’s no clear focus in the message.

The technical aspects are wonderful though. The build up in the music is engaging and always at the right time. The animation style is perfectly suited; it was as if we were watching a Gorillaz music video. Perhaps it would have been more interesting to make it that humans are being slaughtered, and compare it to the meat at big franchises. However, we instead get a bland story, no focus in the message or emotional attachment; it just all feels rather pointless.

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