Zombie War Issue 1 & 2

Authors: Kevin Eastman and Tom Skulan

Genres: Action/Horror/Zombies


There’s something to be said when sitting down to tuck into a zombie comic/book, especially one with the undead having the ability to speak and shoot guns. However, with Zombie War, that’s where the excitement ends. If there was ever a comic to sum itself up, it’s this one — at the end, the main character, Jina, stands and looks at the wasteland the world has become. She then says “don’t know Spud, haven’t got a clue.” And that’s how you’ll feel after reading it.

What starts out as an interesting take on the genre quickly turns into a story full of cliches, questionable plot elements and little to no characterisation. Perhaps the biggest fault the comic has is being only two issues, as many of its problems could be fixed if the story was fleshed out among at least four.

Throughout the entire two issues we are treated to a number of news updates briefing us in what is happening around the world; but on the outside, that is the summary of the story. Snapshots of an event playing too fast to slow down. It’s in hyper-drive, and throughout that sequence, the story forgets to do anything else.

However, all isn’t doom and gloom, because Zombie War has some wonderful artwork that would be seen as a classic approach and not the modernised artwork that you’d see in newer releases today. It’s a working relationship though, and with Zombie War, one side isn’t up to scratch.


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