Dark Vessel Review

I recently stated that we needed more horror films to be animated, even if it’s just in short film format. The comic-book genre is finally going that route with a new Spiderman film due out later this year, so why not this genre? Rocky Curby’s Happy Meal Horror then popped up via Crypt TV for us fanatics to enjoy; and although it didn’t do anything as a whole in terms of quality, I appreciated the fact that we still got the film in the first place. And then out of nowhere, another animated horror short, this one called Dark Vessel, appeared via Crypt TV again.

Dark Vessel, also created by Curby, tells the story of a man who vows to seek revenge just before he is to be hanged. To sum it up, it is your good, old fashioned revenge film. Just like Happy Meal Horror, the characters are robots, making me curious as to what Curby’s fascination with them is. But what splits the two apart was the stronger story in Dark Vessel.

My main criticism with H.M.H was the ineffective story. This isn’t the case this time around though. The story is more focused, the characters are better, the animation is precise and the voice work is wonderful. You actually care about what’s happening because it’s interesting. The only slight issue is that the pace of the story may jump too quickly from one place to another, but that’s only minor.

An all round better film than his last effort. It seems that Curby may be creating a shared universe. All for the better as Crypt TV may also be tempted to endorse more animated horror.


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