Read then Watch: A Review of Crypt TV’s Cheshire

Blending horror with fantasy elements can be a wonderful thing. Sometimes, the two just go hand-in-hand. However, in some cases, it doesn’t work, and it comes off as dull and flat. Cheshire is clearly inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass; it hits all the right notes, taking the fantastical elements and spinning it on its head to give you an uncomfortable and mordernised fairy tale.

A woman (played by Alyson Gorske) visits her therapist (Connor Keene), and from there she jumps deep into her consciousness. However, she soon begins to realise that her dreams may be a reality.

For a film like Cheshire to work, it needs to be grounded and not too absurd, yet absurd enough to scare you. If that doesn’t make sense, then it shows the fine line that makes or breaks these sort of films. Fortunately for Cheshire, everything works, from the wonderful story, its pacing, the creepiness, and most importantly, the twist at the end.

Director/Writer, Crystal Patis, does a wonderful job of keeping everything on board, knowing what spin she wants to put on the original tale and how she wants to tell it. Connor Keene takes the crown with the unsettling and creepy approach to portraying the therapist, Dr. Broach.

Overall, it’s a unique spin that could have gone so easily wrong. However, with a production team so clearly in command of their craft, this is not the case.

**** out of *****

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