A Review of Crypt TV’s Knock Knock

European films have a distinctive feeling, making them easily more recognisable than American films. From the lighting to the camera work, it’s just all so much different. And when it comes to Knock Knock, a French short film, it’s more of the same.

Written and directed by Maxence Rapp, Knock Knock tells the story of a woman terrorised by a constant knocking throughout her appartment. As she searches for its origin, she soon realises she’s made a mistake.

With the way the film is built up, it relies on a sharp and effective ending. All the good work is done throughout, from the great acting by Claire Morin, the camera work, and a script which keeps you guessing. Thankfully, it’s topped off with a delightful ending.

What’s remarkable about Knock Knock is that we’ve all been there. The constant need to know. Even if it’s trying to remember a film you once saw or the famous “don’t push the red button”. What happens if I push it? It is this human flaw that is presented here, ultimately being the downfall of the lead character.

Knock Knock is a well crafted film, focusing on a human flaw and putting a unique spin on it. Maxence Rapp might just be on to something.


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