Read then Watch: A Review of SHELLEY (Class of 98) Ep 1

Crypt TV has been steadily building up their web series with the likes of Look-See and Crypt’s Fables, proving that they are ones to watch over the next year or so. Next to come out of that department is Shelley (Class of 98), a classic revenge film where the characters must pay for what they’ve done.

When it comes to web series, there is a different approach than that of a standalone short film. It must build up and set up the foundation while also being compelling enough for to make the viewer come back for more. And with Shelley, it just about gets over the line.

The acting is good, the directing is good, but the main problem that Shelley might have is repetition; it’s set up in a way make it look like a victim of the week type show. There’s hope that it might be more than just that, and that the series can put a unique spin on overused genre trope. Can it though? It remains to be seen.

A solid start for this web series. However, it needs to avoid the trap of been there, done that, if it wants to stand out from the crowd.

Check it out here:

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