Read then Watch: A Review of Shelley (Class of 98) Ep 2

In my review of the first episode of SHELLEY, which you can read here, I stated that the series as a whole was in a tricky spot. Could it break out and offer something else other than the ‘girls do bad, must suffer now’ angle? Judging by episode two, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In this episode, it’s more of the same. It does take it up a notch though, adding that bit more to the sinister presence that Shelley is. This episode is more balanced, and it offers the viewer a tense cat and mouse game.

The same problem remains though, and when you compare (which I don’t like doing since they should all stand on their own merit) to the likes of Crypt TV’s other web series , Look-See and The Thing in the Apartment, it’s hard to see where SHELLEY goes after the third or so episode. Saying that, SHELLEY’S second episode does have a wonderful athmosphere to it, with a throwback to the likes of Scream etc.

A much better episode than the last. On an individual basis, it’s very tense and athmospheric. However, on the basis of overall story, problems still remain and I fear for its longitivtiy.


Watch it below:

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