Read then Watch: A Review of Shelley (Class of 98) Ep 3

In my review for episode 2 of SHELLEY I stated that the episode was very Scream like and my fears for the longetivity of the series as a whole. However, with episode 3, which happens to be the season finale, done and dusted, one of the two previous statements remain. Thankfully, it’s not the latter.

As an individual episode, it was okay. It follows the same formula of the first two episodes, in that Shelley stalks her final victim to finish off her revenge on those that terrorised her all those years ago. The problem is that it lacked any suspense. The cat and mouse scenario from the last episode has been replaced, and it all just feels over and done with too quickly.

By the time the credits roll, the Scream influence is so evident that it’s feels s straight up copy and paste job from those movies’ endings, most prominently the second one. It makes little sense, and kind of takes away some of the sinister factor surrounding Shelley.

It’s clear now where the series is going, and it’ll be interesting to see how they do it. However, with a muddle ending, they’ll have a bit of work on their hands to to fix it.

Check out the third episode below:

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