Party Bus to Hell Review

1 hour 21 minutes | Horror/Slasher | 2017


There’s something to be said about straight-to-DVD/VOD flicks. They can feel really cheap, over-the-top and overall, very silly. However, the ones that come away with some credibility are those that embrace itself for what it is. Party Bus to Hell relates to some of that.

It tells the story of a party bus en route to Burning Man that breaks down in the middle of the desert among a satanic cult. A massacre leaves survivors trapped on the bus, fighting for their lives and panicked that someone is not what he seems.

From the off, you can tell what kind of film PBTH is going to be – silly and over-the-top. However, as it progresses, there is the realisation that the gore and violence is there to replace the lack of story, and th silliness just decends into stupidity. The acting is terrible, and it seems as if the actors were picked up from a college campus and asked to just scream and be naked.

It’s easy to see where the film went wrong, but it’s also easy to see that there was no effort in making anything serious. Taking The Hills Have Eyes remake for example. That film had over-the-top gore, but it had a seriousness to it. Now, there’s no reason why a film can’t be silly; but PBTH goes too far, and it becomes stupid. It isn’t fun, and feels a little annoying.

Serving no real purpose, with terrible acting and gore effects, it all becomes a little bit stupid.

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