9 Thoughts on Sunny Family Cult – An Interview with Gabriel Younes

The Horror Club speaks to Gabriel Younes, the creator of the hit Crypt TV web-series, Sunny Family Cult, about the first two seasons and its highly anticipated third season. Aside from being creator, Gabriel is also the Executive Producer, Writer (Season 1, Season 2’s Story and Season 3) and Director (Season 1, and Season 2) on the series. The show has picked up quite the following, gaining over a million viewers on YouTube.

In your own words, what is Sunny Family Cult?

Sunny Family Cult is a digital-series for Crypt TV that explores the themes coming-of-age, nature vs. nurture, and perception vs. reality within the Crypt multi-verse.

What cults did you based SFC off of (if any)?

Sunny Family Cult was not really based off of any cult. The idea was always to do something original that felt fresh.

Cults are known to do crazy things. Just how crazy could you go with the series, or were there limits?

Things definitely become elevated as the series goes on… you’ll have to keep watching to see where how crazy things can get.

Still of Sunny Family Cult via Crypt TV

Season 1 explores three stages of Taylor’s (the main character) early life. Why did you decide to go this route?

I’ve always really loved long term character development, and watching characters grow up in a series. I thought that with aspects of the cult, showing Taylor evolve as a child would really help the audience empathize and care about her in the modern timeline. More than that, it adds a huge amount of depth to the series and really explores the psychology of the character.

How do you think the series deals with the topic Nature vs Nurture?

We tend to tackle themes pretty head on, and I think Nature vs. Nurture is something we really see and explore in season 2. We find Taylor struggling with the conflict between her own moral compass, and what she has been raised to believe. Again, I think this links back to the first season really showing Taylor’s evolution, and how her mindset changes as she comes of age. It becomes a really deep seeded want of hers to become her own person within and outside of the cult.

Season 1 deals with Taylor embracing who she is (even if forced). How does season 2 differ from the previous one?

From a character stand point Season 2 is all about Taylor’s awakening. We see her gain perspective, and rebel in her own ways. I think that we did a lot of strong character work in Season 2 that you’ll see play a role throughout the series.

Still of Sunny Family Cult via Crypt TV

Is family everything, or is it good to break the tradition?

I think in life there is a balance that can be struck, but more than anything it’s about staying true to yourself. In the show, I think the absence of this balance is the main thing we see Taylor struggle with.

In the final episode of season 2, there is a Look-See Easter egg with the monster appearing. Does that mean the two are set in the same universe, or just a cheeky nod?

You’ll have to wait and see.

What can we expect from season 3?

Season 3 is coming soon, and I don’t want to reveal too much, but we really wanted to push into uncharted territory for the show. I think there is a healthy dose of the unexpected coming up.


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