Four Zombie Short Films Worth Checking Out

The Horror Club is currently on a zombie craze, and as a result, has been travelling through the undead web in search of different, yet good, zombie short films (check out our zombie short film poll here). There are so many that have stood out, so do not be surprised if THC ends up making another list.

So, as you came here to watch, we won’t hold you any longer. Here are four. All we ask if that you follow the filmmakers, be it on social media or on their YouTube page; and if you’ve enjoyed this list, follow The Horror Club, share this article and check out what else the club has to offer!

1) Hawa

The first short film comes from Malaysia, a post-apocalyptic version anyway. Hawa is written and directed by Tan Ce Ding and tells the story of a Malay girl (Hawa Khadeeja) and a Chinese boy (Vincent Wong) trying to befriend eachother in a different world:

2) Live or Let Die 1

This is an older short film, and THC would be surprised if people reading this hasn’t seen it. We’re going to share it anyway, because those who haven’t seen it are missing out. And we can’t be having that, can we? The film is directed by Manuel Urbaneck from a script he wrote with Jan Bohlenschmidt. The two of them also star in the movie:

3) Perished

The next short film seems to be a popular one among the undead, picking up over 6 million views from hungry souls! The film, which is written and directed by Stefan A. Radanovich and Aaron McCann, tells the story of a man (Wayne S. Davis) on the run finds himself locked in amidst a zombie outbreak. He must build his inner strength to confront his fears or face starvation:

4) Isolated

There isn’t much known about this short film, except it’s animated, which is why we checked it out. If you’re unaware, The Horror Club is a huge fan of animated horror and feel there isn’t enough. This short features the new breed of zombies, ones similar to those seen in World War Z:

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