REVIEW: American Virus

When experimenting within the zombie genre, using the short film format is perhaps the best way to allow your creativity to flow. American Virus, which is directed and co-written by Shane Ryan of Mad Sin Cinema, is a perfect example of this. Why do you ask? Well, the short film is bizarre.

It tells the story of a woman (Kathryn Eastwood, who also co-writes) as she spreads the word that the world has essentially become a virus. She and other survivors (featuring Tommie Vegas who we interviewed before) effectively do this from inside a room.

The film is quite relevant today, as fearmongering has become a hot topic recently. It also has a strong message, in that the fear you spread can slowly consume you, and it perfectly comes full-circle. It’s truely a bonkers film. However, it’s not without its faults.

The main criticism is that the short film is a bit chaotic. It jumps a little too quickly to get to the end and, as a result, feels rushed. It could have done with an extra few minutes to flesh it out. And though it becomes well-rounded, it cheats to get there.

Bonkers yet interesting, American Virus has a premise worth exploring. However, it doesn’t do so to the full extent. It’s a whole, but there’s a bit missing in the middle.


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