Review: Sunny Family Cult S3: E1&2

It’s safe to say that out of all of Crypt TV’s web-series, Sunny Family Cult is perhaps the most grounded. There are no monsters or ghouls, only a bunch of serial killers, which can (and has) turn out to be true. Season Two ended on a cliffhanger, forcing us to wait to see what was next.

Episode One doesn’t add much to the story, even feeling a bit redundant. The kills are there, yes, and the tone is consistent. However, it’s when we get to Episode Two that we get to see what writer and creator, Gabriel Younes, is all about again. Though set in the past, it adds more to the story than what the first episode did. The acting is great and the production values are of a high standard.

What we have with Sunny Family Cult are two layers. The story carrying over from the first two seasons, the grounded approach of a bunch of maniacs murdering people, and why they are the  way the are. The other is the bold approach, one that can change Crypt TV forever. This is the fantastical side of things, one that SFC strayed away from to become unique and allowed it stand out from the other series. Younes is talented; it remains to be seen if he can pull it off though.

S2: Ep1 – 2.5/5

S2: Ep2 – 4.5/5

Overall – 7/10


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