Review: Look-See S2: E2&3

Look-See kicked off with a strong opening episode. However, it wasn’t without its fault, with The Horror Club expecting a little more from the debut of James ‘Deadmeat’ Janisse. In episode two, titled The Second Thief, he is put in centre focus with the monster himself. Here, we are given more of his character that was lacking from the first.  It shows what range Janisee can go to when he is given more to work with in the episode.

This episode also allows us more of a backstory into the Look-See monster , but only a small bit, as Landon Stahmer keeps his consistent tone and tightly wrapped script shrouded with mystery. His ability to tell so much in such a small amount of time just shows what a talent he is.

Episode 3: The Second Love

It doesn’t just stop there though. Episode three, titled The Second Love, shows off Stahmer’s directing skills, as he carefully crafts all that needs to be on screen. Stahmer shows us time after time that he is in total control of what his doing, how he’s doing it, resulting in an accomplished piece of work. It’s easy to say that everything – from the music to the acting to the camera work – fits perfectly for Look-See; but that’s not a coincidence. It’s the result of a talented crew that know how to tell an interesting story.

Well-acted, with some brilliant storytelling and visuals. Look-See just seems to be getting better.

Episode 2 – 4.5/5

Epaiode 3 – 4.5/5

Overall – 9/10

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