REVIEW: Look-See S2:E4

Season finales can be tricky. You’ve built your story up across all the episodes, and now you must 1) have a convincing and satisfying ending to this particular story arc and 2) entice people to come back for the next season. Both are quite relevant to Look-See. Landon Stahmer has built up such a mysterious story, giving the audience little nibbles here and there, that anything other than a satisfying ending can make it all fall flat.

Episode four, titled The Second Hands, is more of the same. It’s consistent with the previous three episodes. The mystery, the creepiness, the stellar acting, it’s all there. There’s a trust in Stahmer to get the job done, and he does. However, those looking for all answers to simply be given to them might be a little annoyed. We’ve come to know to that Stahmer loves to tease his audience; and that can be dangerous thing, but he has found the perfect format to do what he needs to do.

The ending is big, which is what we have come to expect with a Crypt TV’s web series. You just have to look and see what they’re doing with their other hit series, Sunny Family Cult. Something that could change Crypt TV forever. And you can’t help but feel that the same is happening here with Look-See.

Look-See’s episode four isn’t going to give you all the answers you want, and it was never really going to anyway. However, it does go out with a bang that’ll create more theory videos than we can possible watch.


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