REVIEW: Sunny Family Cult S3: E3&4

We’re down to the business end of season three with the last two episodes of Sunny Family Cult. Gabriel Younes has done a pretty good job building up the story in the previous episodes. However, it’s the final two, titled Divine Creatures and Violence In Her Soul respectively, that shows that the team, from the director to the writer to the actors, are dedicated to putting out the best version of a web series that they can.

It is in Episode Three that we see what the actors, Trew Mullen and Patrick Boylan, can really do when they are allowed to shine. It’s easy to see the chemistry between the two as they feed off of each other to make it a compelling watch. Adding this to some wonderful direction, we get an episode that wouldn’t feel out of place on a big network TV show.

Sunny Family Cult Episode Four

Episode Four is mostly the same. John Ross, the series director, shows off his skills with some excellent direction yet again. It’s easy to see why Sunny Family Cult has become such a popular series and why it has four seasons. However, it is not without its faults.

What it does lack is the big wow factor at the end. While there is something there, it isn’t perhaps as strong as it should have been. Comparing that to season three’s, which was mysterious and enticing, season four’s just misses the mark. This isn’t to take away from what has been an overall great season though. It has done enough that it’ll entice people to come back for more.

There’s a talented team behind Sunny Family Cult, and they’ve all worked hard to put together a compelling season. However, they have built up a story that doesn’t quite have the ending to match it.

Episode 3 – 4.5/5

Episode 4 – 3.5/5

Overall – 8/10

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