Four Reactions To Look-See Season Two

Both, Crypt TV and Look-See, have become popular over the last few years. It’s easy to access, doesn’t take a lot of time to invest in, and overall, it’s of a very high standard. Reaction Videos have become another huge aspect of YouTube. It’s simple: people film themselves reacting to a video, with movie trailers being the most consistent choice. It was only a matter of time before there would be reactions to all the goodness on Crypt TV. The Horror Club has picked out four of what we think are the best ones of people getting scared. As always with our lists, there are in no particular order.

1) POiiSED

This reaction comes from the YouTube account, POiiSED, which is of episode two. How do we sum up how he felt? Well, he says “don’t make me choke on my chicken.” That’s perfect, then.

2) Dominating Spud

This one comes from the account, Dominating Spud, and is of episode one. What’s great about this reaction is that he literally narrates himself through the epsiode; and we all at least have one friend who does that.

3) Dan Ex Machina

This one comes from Dan Ex Machina, and is again, a reaction to epsiode one. This is one of the better ones because poor Dan can’t even be dealing when it comes to the first ten seconds of the episode.

4) Thomas Murray

Our fourth choice is of Thomas Murray. In the reaction video, he tells us he’s scared. Don’t worry, Thomas, we can tell!

There you have it. Four reactions to Look-See season 2. Which one did you like best? Comment below.

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