Why You Should Watch Karen Gillan’s ‘Conventional’

Horror is a gem of a genre. I say this because in many ways it can spoof itself and also be very self-referential. If done properly, this can be a good thing. If not, it can become one big joke and feel very forced. The low-budget film The Final Girls did it quite well because it put an unique spin on it. Conventional attempts to do the same.

The short film, written, directed and starring Karen Gillan, tells the story a once budding horror movie star who now makes her living by appearing at the conventions due to her fall from stardom.

The film isn’t really that scary, nor did it really try to be. It’s more so a social commentary on how we view the genre in general. Back in the ’80s, due to the demand and influx of B-movies, many leading ladies fell to the side, or struggled to break from the enigma of being known as ‘that actress from that horror movie’. All you have to do is look at conventions, especially ones not related to horror. Those leading ladies will be billed under whatever horror movie they starred in.

Conventional is a smart movie, and has something worthwhile to say. Karen Gillan, even with her puffed up lips (watch the film and you’ll find out), has produced a clever script, and topped it off with such a quirky and energetic performance. If you’re a fan of 80’s horror, you should watch it.

Watch it below:

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