REVIEW: Troubled Youth S1: E1&2

Horror doesn’t always have to be serious. Depending on the script, it can have a light-hearted approach and see the funny side of things. Scream Queens did a very good job of this as it embraced its bonkers tone, and knew it wasn’t trying to be anything other than a guilty pleasure. Troubled Youth is along the same lines of that, only a lot more better.

The series tells the story of a beast that can be summoned at any given moment, and then which it feeds upon the inhabitants of a high school.

In the first episode, titled, Stalking Sheep, audiences are thrown right into the mix from the off, with writer, Emily Dell, not waiting around for a slow build up. Dell does a great job of thinning the script, making sure anything that doesn’t need to be there isn’t. The direction is solid, making for an all-round fun episode. Dell has created a very distinctive series that could have otherwise gotten lost in between the many other popular Crypt TV web-series.

Episode two, which is titled Nobody’s Sheep and written by Heather Ostrove this time, is very much the same, and carries a consistency that’s badly needed. Too many times has a series had a great opening episode only to be let down by the following one. Everything, from the writing to the directing to the acting, all feels right.

However, the standout of the web-series so far has to be actress, Cami Storm. She takes the script, makes it her own and just seems to be having fun; and that’s the first sign of a great script. Storm commands the screen, from the first time she appeared in epsiode one to the last time she appeared in number two.

Troubled Youth has a lot going with its first two epsiodes. It’s bonkers without ever becoming stupid, with some greating acting throughout, especially from Cami Storm. Crypt TV has another winner.

Episode 1 – 4.5/5

Episode 2 – 4.5/5

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