REVIEW: The Door in the Woods S1:E1

It’s a tricky time for any filmmaker attempting to add their name to Crypt TV lore. Their channel is currently on a high, and their monsters have become so popular that any new entries will be automatically compared to the likes of Look-See and The Birch. However, their latest one, The Brute, is sure to get fans excited.

The Door in the Woods tells the story of a seemingly random door in the woods, but when it’s opened, the truth about what lies inside it is more terrifying than anyone could ever imagine.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance, and writer/director, Joey Greene, certainly does. As a result, we are given a brutal and honest short film. Greene cranks up the violence because he wants to show you how much of an unstoppable force The Brute is. Here, he holds nothing back, and takes audiences through a relentless thirteen minutes or so.

The kills are creative, topped up with the fact that The Brute looks hideous and scary. Greene takes a risk, showing that with this monster, kids aren’t even safe. It’s a risk that pays off, adding that little bit more to The Brute. Aside from this, the script is wonderful, allowing the pace of the short film to flow effortlessly.

What stands out most though is that Greene wanted to hit audiences hard. Show us what this monster is really all about, without ever giving us much about its origins. This way he has gotten the audiences hooked to find out more.

It’s violent and honest, The Door in the Woods has introduced us to a monster that’ll surely take a bite out of you.

****1/2 out of *****

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