In our review of episode one of Soot, we stated that although it had a lot going for it, the episode as a whole felt a little bit too basic. As for episode two, it would need to add more than just cool deaths and creature effects to really grab the audience.

Luckily, it does. Epsiode two is a clear improvement over its predecessor, especially in terms of storytelling. Whereas epsiode one lacked the story to drive the series forward, this one does the exact opposite. As a result, there is more of a central focus and it feels the series now has a purpose.

Episode two is raw and gritty, the kind you get when independent films are working on a tight budget. That’s not to take away from the episode, because with that raw and gritty feeling, it makes the viewing experience that bit more horrifying. The acting is great, as is the directing from Danny Donahue. However, it is his writing which stands out most, as he has an created an interesting message and sprinkled it throughout.

Soot’s second episode is much better, improving on what it lacked last time out: the storytelling. This monster is starting to make a name for itself.

****1/2 out of *****

Haven’t seen epsiode 2 yet? Check it out below:

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