REVIEW: Soundbite

Social Media has become such a huge presence in our lives. We use it daily, sometimes not even realising that we’re actually doing so. How many times have we said “I’ll have a quick scroll”? We receive and take in countless messages while online, even if it isn’t our main focus. Addiction can be another problem. Realising the addiction can be a bigger problem.

Soundbite is a short film that deals with this particular message. It tells the story of a song that, when listened to, causes people to go out of control and harm themselves. It’s just like The Happening, except it’s not bland, doesn’t have Mark Walhberg’s awful acting and Zoey Deschanel’s unsettling dead eye stare thing.

What Soundbite does have is a timely message, great pace, and top-notch acting from Taylor Murphy-Sinclair. The director, Michael Coulombe (who also co-writes) does a great job of allowing the film to flow, keeping what needs to be kept. With films like this, especially those with a one-setting premise, it needs to be kept fresh.

What stands out most are Coulombe’s direction and Sinclair’s acting. The script has little-to-no dialogue, meaning Sinclair has to convey her emotions through her body, skilfully doing so throughout the short film. Coulombe knows what he wants and Sinclair knows how to deliver it.

Another interesting aspect of this short film, and though it may not be intentional, is the topic of self-harm. It shows us how quickly a message can spread, and what effect it can have on a person.

Soundbite has it all: great direction, skilful acting, and most importantly, an interesting and timely message. It has the potential to work as a web-series.

****1/2 out of *****

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