REVIEW: Love Me Not

Horror House Media has been on a roll. Since its launch last year, we’ve gotten two short films of a high standard, mostly because of Brantley J. Brown’s sharp scripts, Michael’s Coulombe’s ability to bring it to the screen and the overall team they have brought together. Each film looks and feels different, yet still has the styles of Brown and Coulombe carved into them.

Love Me Not is another example which shows that they aren’t going to be slowing down any time soon. Here, we are given a film clearly distinguishing itself from the others. Brown’s script is crisp and to the point, allowing actress, Vanessa Esperanzo, to shine. She brings the character to life with a bonkers and terrifying performance. She is meant to be the crazed killer here, but in a way, you understand her. Her ability to deliver each line with such torment is a testament to her skills.

Coulombe is again setting a high standard for short films hitting the online world. In a market that can be easily saturated, he is making sure you remember his films. He has an ability to draw you in, and most importantly, keep you there.

Running at just 11 minutes, Love Me Not is very heavy with dialogue, and what could have been a sluggish film, turns out a terrifying exploration into the mind of somebody who has had enough. This is all down to the trio of Coulombe, Brown and Esperanzo.


***** out of *****

Watch it here:

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