WATCH: ‘Lights Out’ Director David F. Sandberg’s New Short Film ‘Not Alone in Here’

Was there ever a time when you were sitting alone at home at night, and then all of a sudden thought you heard noises? That you convinced yourself that somebody, or something, was in the house? Well, it seems like we’ve all been there, which makes the short film we’re sharing with you today all the more relatable.

The short film is called ‘Not Alone in Here,’ and as you guessed, tells the story of a woman who believes that somebody else is in the house with her.

It’s created by David F. Sandberg (of Lights Out, Shazam fame) and Lotta Losten, who plays a starring role in the short.

It’s a very accomplished short film, plays off of fear and paranoia; it’s also a very good one for aspiring filmmakers to study, to see the difference between a filmmaker currently in the height of his career and those starting out. It was shot in isolation, just showing what you can do with limited resources. And afterall, Sandberg’s career did start after creating Lights Out as a short film first. And who knows, we may even get a feature length version of ‘Not Alone in Here’ in the future?

Watch it here:

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