WATCH: 5 Friday the 13th Fan Films

It’s Friday the 13th, and it wouldn’t be the same if The Horror Club didn’t share some Jason fan films. Yes, we went digging, and have actually found quite a few of them. However, we’re only going to share five, because some are feature length and some are episodic length. So, it’s a good way to pass a few hours. Here they are:

1) First up is Voorhees, which comes from Wet Paint Pictures and is written & directed by Cody Faulk, with Eileen Sugameli, Danielle Sandler, Christopher Inlow starring.

Check it out here:

2) Secondly, we have Never Hike Alone, which is perhaps one of the most famous fan films based on Jason. It comes from Womp Stomp films, with Vincente DiSanti directing from a script he wrote with Nathan McLeod, while the cast includes Andrew Leighty, Vincente DiSanti, Katie Schwartz and Robert Dubois. Thom Matthews (who played Tommy Jarvis in the original franchise) guest stars.

The story follows an adventure blogger who comes across the long lost remains of Crystal Lake, putting him in the path of mass murderer Jason.

Check it out here:

3) Third on the list is the follow up to number two, this time titled Never Hike in the Snow. It comes from the same team, with the Vinny Guastaferro, Bryan Forrest and Anna Campbell joining Thom Matthews and Vincente DiSanti this time to fill out the cast.

The story is set three month prior to Never Hike Alone, and follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill, and sees Local Wessek County Sheriff Rick Cologne and his mother, Diana Hill, search for answers.

Check it out here:

4) Fourth film on our list is Camp Forest Green. The films come from All Rise Films and Christopher Greffrath, and stars Dietz Far her, Meghan Zweifel and Aleksander Many. It tells the story of a group of campers as they hike to Hallway Haven, a beautiful cabin in Camp Forest Green.

Check it out here:

5) Our fifth and final film is Friday the 13th: Vengence, which is another feature lenght fan film. The film comes from Brownspace Films features returning original franchise members Tommy McLoughlin and C.J. Graham, with Kelly Tappan, Luke Schuck joining them. Jason Brooks plays Jason.

Check it out here:

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