WATCH: Slasher

Augmented reality (AR) in a horror film is an interesting concept. As oppose to virtual reality (VR), where a person is transported into the game, AR transports the game to them, bringing it to life in their surroundings. It makes the whole experience that bit scarier. This is exactly what Slasher does, and it does it very well.

It tells the story of a woman who starts play a game through AR, but as she begins to play the game more and more she soon realizes that this may not be a game at all.

The short film is directed by Aaron Fradkin and stars Victoria Fratz and Wes Overby.

It is a very clever concept, and it’s executed to perfection, from the direction to the acting. If you have 7 minutes or so to spare, watch this short. It’ll make you a fan of Social House Films.

Check it out:

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