Party Bus to Hell Review

1 hour 21 minutes | Horror/Slasher | 2017 ____________________________________________________________________ There's something to be said about straight-to-DVD/VOD flicks. They can feel really cheap, over-the-top and overall, very silly. However, the ones that come away with some credibility are those that embrace itself for what it is. Party Bus to Hell relates to some of that. It tells... Continue Reading →


Read then Watch: Hello Brother

It's always upsetting when a family member passes away. You miss them. You wish that you could just speak to them one last time. However, you don't want it to happen literally, and that's the case in Hello Brother. It happens, and it's not a fun reunion. The film is directed, edited and starring Austin... Continue Reading →

Watch A 3 Minute Film: Sleeptalk

Don't you just hate when you're enjoying a peaceful sleep, and then all of a sudden, it's ruined by your other half's constant sleeptalking? Now, imagine that but with something much more sinister and I bet you wished you had some earplugs. Sleeptalk is just that and is part of the 3 minute horror web... Continue Reading →

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