Four Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Hereditary

2017 was a good year for Horror, and while 2018 has been off to a shaky start with the likes of Insidious: The Last Key and Winchester, there is still a lot for people to be excited about, and one such film is Hereditary. Here are four reasons why we're excited it: 1) The Premise... Continue Reading →


Valentine’s Day Movies For You To Watch

It's Valentine's Day, which means two things: 1) you're out having dinner with your other half 2) you're in watching romantic movies; but who says horror movies can't be romantic? So, if you're the one that wears the pants in the relationship, here are two movies to force your other half to watch: 1) Valentine... Continue Reading →

The Horror Club Seeks Guests Posts

The Horror Club is opening up a new series that will have guest posts. This is all so we can bring you more content to enjoy. We are seeking writers, filmmakers, make-up artists, or anyone who works within the horror genre. The details are: Post information is up to the guest once the content has... Continue Reading →

Remembering Feast

Every once and a while a film comes out with little attention towards it, and as a result, it turns out to be a decent watch.¬†Feast is exactly that kind of film. The film tells the story of an unlucky group of people in a remote bar, who must fight for their lives as a... Continue Reading →

TRAILER: Slenderman (2018)

HAVE you heard of Slenderman? Well, if not, he belongs to the online culture of Creepypastas, which tell of creepy tales that may or may not be based on true stories (they're most likely not). However, this practicular story has become one of the most well known, telling a tale of a featureless face and... Continue Reading →

Review of Nite Nite

Written, directed and produced by Chad Meseinheimer. Music by Evan Oxhorn. Starring Brady Bond and Tomie Vegas. Short, sweet and effective. If there was ever three words to sum up a movie, then it would be those ones. Coming in at three and a half minutes, Nite Nite had no room for any unnecessary filler.... Continue Reading →

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