Four Reasons We’re Excited For ‘A Quiet Place’

A former comedy actor has written a script for a horror movie and, with little experience, has decided to step behind the camera in order to direct said horror movie. Now, where have we heard of that before? That's right - Get Out. But while we're not predicting the same breakout success that Get Out... Continue Reading →


Look-See IV Review

The lights are staying on! No, really, this is not a joke. The credits have just rolled on what was a creepy, yet wonderful episode in the Look-See series. In this episode, another helpless character has become isolated while checking back¬†over a murder scene inside a school hall (we all know what that means). Before... Continue Reading →

Remembering Cargo

Have you seen Cargo? If not, what's wrong with you? Okay, okay, that was harsh. However, because we love the movie so much and feel that you need to see it, we've provided a link for us below. So, what is Cargo? It sounds like a virus movie, and it is, but not the sort... Continue Reading →

The Horror Club Seeks Guests Posts

The Horror Club is opening up a new series that will have guest posts. This is all so we can bring you more content to enjoy. We are seeking writers, filmmakers, make-up artists, or anyone who works within the horror genre. The details are: Post information is up to the guest once the content has... Continue Reading →

Remembering Feast

Every once and a while a film comes out with little attention towards it, and as a result, it turns out to be a decent watch.¬†Feast is exactly that kind of film. The film tells the story of an unlucky group of people in a remote bar, who must fight for their lives as a... Continue Reading →

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