One Sentence Reviews 5 – Chopping Mall

Welcome to the fifth One Sentence Reviews, a new series where The Horror Club visits classic films, some dating back to the '50s or before, some more recent, and give them either a thumbs up or a thumbs down with the review. Short and sweet, and right to the point. Next up is Chopping Mall... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Watch Karen Gillan’s ‘Conventional’

Horror is a gem of a genre. I say this because in many ways it can spoof itself and also be very self-referential. If done properly, this can be a good thing. If not, it can become one big joke and feel very forced. The low-budget film The Final Girls did it quite well because it... Continue Reading →

Review: Summer of 84

1 hour 43 minutes| Horror/Mystery | 2018 __________________________________________ Films concerning the '80s have become the norm these days, with the success of Stranger Things and last year's adaptation of IT proving that there is a market for them. They tap into our nostalgia, making us feel something special inside. Of course, there're going to be... Continue Reading →

A Review of Aphotic Realm’s Classified

Aphotic Realm have been operating for just over a year now, and since then, they have released three issues (including Classified), Mandi Jourdan's Shadows of the Mind, and a new short story collection called Tales from the Realm Vol 1. When it comes to Classified, which is the subject of this review, it shows just what a... Continue Reading →

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